A group of cute chicks
These chicks were born form egg shells, so cute.
Feeding chicken.
Many chickens are eating food.
poultry farming.
These chicken so beautiful, how did they do it?

What are the key points of chicken raising to start poultry farming?

It is more convenient to use the lay cage equipment for the feeding of laying hens. And this equipment is used in many chicken farms. Then while using the equipment for feeding work. Master all kinds of laying hen breeding points, you can easily carry out the feeding work.


When using laying hen breeding equipment for feeding work, I recommends that farmers should understand the size, model and density of the chicken house and chicken battery cages for sale in advance. And set the stocking density in the chicken house according to these aspects. This is because the appropriate stocking density is more favorable for the growth of the flock.


Secondly, when using layer cage equipment for feeding work. The editor suggests that all farmers should also master the ventilation of the poultry farm, because the chicken battery cages in the poultry farm are stacked on top of each other. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of ventilation of the chicken house during the breeding process, so as to keep the air in the chicken house unobstructed.



also. When using laying hen breeding equipment for feeding work, the editor recommends that farmers also master the lighting conditions of the chicken house. Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended that the chicken house be exposed to particularly strong light, so it can be properly lighted according to the growth of the flock.


Finally, use automatic chicken raising equipment to raise chickens and pay attention to epidemic prevention work. Here, with the help of the dosing equipment in the automated poultry drinking system, chickens can be immunized while drinking. This makes immunization work simple and efficient.


In a word, in the process of feeding by the use of layer cage equipment, it is more favorable for the feeding work to master the above matters.


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