Do you really understand how to limit feeding?

The daily limit of feeding is based on the age of the breeder, the growth of the body weight, and the nutritional requirements for maintaining the growth and development. Feeding is limited daily or by limiting the number of feedings and the time of each feeding. Daily feed restriction has the advantage of less stress on chickens and is suitable for late brooding, early brooding and 1 week before the transition to laying sheds.

chicken feeding

Every other day of restricted feeding is to concentrate the feed for two days on a l-day basis, ie feed on l days and stop on l days. This method is more stressful for breeders, but it can alleviate the phenomenon of competition for food, so that each chicken eats roughly the same amount, and thus get a chicken group with higher body weight and meet the target requirements. This method is suitable for chickens that grow fast and difficult to control.

Restricted weekly feeds are fed 5 days per week for 2 days, which means that 7 days of feed is evenly distributed over 5 days. This method does not use much.

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