Do you know what is raising broilers?

First, ground litter leveling.
In traditional broiler farming, ground litter leveling is the most important feeding method.
The floor of the house is cleaned and thoroughly sanitised. After drying, a thick layer of litter is laid on the ground of the house. Broilers live on litter from the entrance to the sale, including feeding, drinking, activities, and rest.
Common litter: sawdust, shavings

chicken feeding

Second, net raising.
In the hen house, a net rack is erected at a certain height from the ground, a plastic net is laid on the net rack, and chickens live on the net.
The chicken droppings fall to the ground through the mesh or the gap between the bars, accumulate a feeding cycle and are cleared once the chickens are slaughtered. In the early days, the online leveling was generally operated by hand. Nowadays, large-scale farming is generally equipped with automatic water supply, feeding, cleaning and other mechanical equipment.


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