How to diagnose the cause of chicken sickness

There are many chicken diseases when raising chickens. But before you diagnose chicken disease, do you know what to do?

Basic situation of chicken farms: Before diagnosing chicken diseases, we must first understand the basic conditions of the surrounding environment and facilities, the layout of the chicken farms, and ventilation. Only by knowing the basic situation of the chicken farm can you make accurate judgments quickly when abnormalities occur.

Feeding management: About feeding management, mainly related to feed conditions, such as feed quality, feed source; drinking water, such as whether the water source is clean and sufficient; and whether the chicken's drinking water, food, growth, weight and other aspects are normal.

Immunization of chickens: Before the diagnosis of chicken disease, it is necessary to first understand the actual inoculation of the vaccine.

The incidence of chicken: chickens in chicken battery cages will not be ill for no reason, and there will be a process at the time of onset, and some may not be the first to occur, so we must first understand the history of sick chickens when we see it. Including the time, type, frequency of the onset and previous treatment medications, etc.

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