What is the Ratio of Meat to Meat?

With the development of broiler scale and industrialization, the battery broiler cage has gradually applied refined farming to production practices during the breeding process. When it comes to the fine culture of broilers, it is necessary to talk about the meat-to-meat ratio of broilers. The ratio of meat to meat plays an important role in the breeding, because it is related to the production efficiency of the farm and the profit margin of the breeding.

Broiler-to-meat ratio refers to the amount of feed consumed per 5,000 gram of meat product produced by broilers. When calculating the ratio of meat to meat in the farm, the farmer needs to comprehensively analyze various factors, because there are many factors affecting the ratio of chicken to meat. In the process of feeding and management, we should pay attention to these aspects from time to time to minimize the ratio of meat to meat. The biggest profit margin.

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