A group of cute chicks
These chicks were born form egg shells, so cute.
Feeding chicken.
Many chickens are eating food.
poultry farming.
These chicken so beautiful, how did they do it?

Introduction of some management points of laminated egg chicken cage?

In recent years, the research and development level of aquaculture equipment is getting higher and higher, and the production of aquaculture equipment has also been greatly improved. On the one hand, the country advocates the animal husbandry industry, on the other hand, the labor cost increases sharply, which greatly promotes the rapid development of automation level in China. Nowadays, more and more workers urgently need to reduce their daily labor intensity. In order to solve this reality, a large number of young professionals with knowledge and technology have been attracted to join the automatic farming industry, which has greatly promoted the enthusiasm of farming enterprises to invest in automatic equipment. With the development of irreversible situation, the automatic feeding equipment for laying hens has undergone tremendous changes along with the animal husbandry industry. The convenience, rapidity and peace of mind of the stacked egg chicken cage raising mode has been widely recognized by the majority of laying hens farms, and its development prospect is very promising.




The advantages of layered egg chicken cage raising mode are as follows: layered egg chicken cage raising equipment is the first choice for large-scale, intensive, automatic and standardized laying hens at home and abroad. It has the following advantages: small occupied area, high space utilization rate, easy to realize intensive and large-scale feeding; Chicken manure is cleaned in layers and naturally dried, which greatly reduces the moisture content of chicken manure, has high utilization rate of chicken manure and has little environmental pollution; Realize full-automatic control, greatly reduce operators, reduce labor intensity and improve labor productivity; The closed feeding mode is beneficial to prevent infectious diseases and improve the production performance of chickens. Moreover, because of the inconvenience of catching chickens due to the multi-layer overlapping cages, the cage time of laying hens can be appropriately prolonged, and when individual chickens lay eggs, all vaccines that need to be immunized, such as Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, avian influenza and egg drop syndrome, should be avoided. In the whole process of raising chickens, it is necessary to observe whether the number and height of troughs and sinks adapt to the feeding and drinking of chickens at any time, adjust the height of drinking water system in time, check and compare the feeding speed and quantity of chickens, adjust the feeding density, and whether chickens have potential diseases.

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