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Harm of water shortage in layer chicken cage

In winter and the spring and autumn season. due to the low temperature. farmers will often forget to feed the chickens. thus cause layer water shortage. If the chicken in egg-laying cage often lacks water, it will cause adverse effects to the chicken flock. Today, we will mainly popularize the harm of water shortage in egg-laying cage for farmers.


If there is not enough water to raise chickens in layer cages, it will lead to poor digestion and absorption of feed, making blood thick, body temperature rise, and the growth and laying of eggs will be affected. And the water in their feces will be significantly reduced, and even cause dehydration of animals. Studies have shown that if the loss of water in chicken body accounts for 1%-2% of the body weight, it will significantly affect the appetite of laying hens, resulting in a decrease in their feed intake and thus affect the growth and development of the chicken herd.


With the further aggravation of water shortage of laying hens, the water shortage of the laying hens increases, which will lead to the complete cessation of feeding of the chickens and the decline or even complete loss of digestive function, and the weakening of the immune ability and disease resistance ability of the body. If water shortage persists for a long time, the water content in the body will decrease significantly. If the body loses 8%-10% of water, it will cause growth and metabolism disorders.






If the laying hens lack water for 24 hours, the laying rate drops by 30%, and if enough drinking water is replenished after that, the production performance of the laying hens before can be restored within 25 to 30 days. The mortality of laying hens increased significantly when water was scarce for more than 36 hours. Restoring their water supply after a prolonged period of water deprivation may cause "drunk syndrome" or "water intoxication" and lead to death. However, if water is cut off for 48 hours in the hot season, serious death will be caused. In addition, severe water shortage will also cause the body temperature of chickens to drop.


That's what we're going to tell farmers today about the dangers of water shortages in egg cages. It is hoped that farmers will pay more attention to drinking water for laying hens in the future breeding work. Timely supplement enough water for chickens. Avoid the bad phenomenon.

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