Some different chicken farming ways

First, use chicken cage feeding.

Cage farming is the use of stacked or stepped cages to keep broilers in cages.

From the shell to the sale are kept in the cage. With age and weight Increase, generally can adopt the method of transfer layer and cage. battery cages for chickens generally use hard plastic baskets as single cages, and stepped cages are made of metal and plastic mesh sheets are laid on the bottom.

Cage Supporting Facilities: Waterline, automatic feed line.

Equipping cage equipment with excrement conveyor belt

used cage feeding chicken

Second, mixed feeding.

The method of mixed rearing is to use cages before 3 weeks of age, and after 3 weeks of age, the chickens are transferred to ground litter or raised on the net.

The combination of cage raising and flat raising has both the advantages of two feeding methods, and has promotion value for medium and small batches of broiler chickens. But in the middle, it needs to be transferred. It is troublesome, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it can easily hurt chickens.

The best is the best. Any type of rearing method currently has its applicable area or type of production and management, and there are no absolute advantages or disadvantages. After fully

understanding the various feeding methods, the breeding households should choose the most suitable one based on their own economic and material conditions. The way of feeding.

used mixed method feeding

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