Poultry equipment manufacturers teach you the precautions for raising laying hens


Poultry equipment manufacturers found that some farmers believe that laying hens are becoming more and more difficult to raise. Now that the market situation is uncontrollable, it is also possible to improve chicken raising technology. More benefits can be obtained. Below, I will tell you about the precautions for raising laying hens, so as to increase the income of the chicken farm.


First of all, in the process of using automatic chicken raising equipment to raise laying hens, attention should be paid to the quality of eggs, especially raising chickens should not be neglected for the benefit of chicken farms, affecting survival. Chicken ratio. It will cause the loss of economic benefits of the chicken farm. Therefore, when raising chickens, they should be carefully fed as required to improve the survival rate of chickens and make them grow healthily.


In addition, when using the battery cage system to breed laying hens, attention should be paid to the use of drugs and epidemic prevention. In the process of raising laying hens, if the chickens are found to be sick, they should be treated in time to allow the chickens to grow healthily. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job in the protection of the flock to prevent the spread of the virus from affecting the growth of broilers.


The above are the precautions for raising laying hens analyzed by poultry equipment manufacturers. In addition to the above points, when raising laying hens, you also need to pay attention to the nutritional issues of the feed.

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