Why Should We Increase the Nutrient Concentration of Feed Properly?

In the summer, when the broiler chickens temperature exceeds 25 °C, the feed intake of the chicken will be correspondingly reduced, and the intake of nutrients will be correspondingly reduced, resulting in decreased egg production performance and poor egg quality. Diets with higher nutrient concentrations are compensated. In the hot season, the energy of the laying hens is reduced compared to the usual feeding standards. Some experts believe that the energy concentration of feed should be appropriately reduced in summer; however, after laying hens, energy is the key to determining egg production rate. At high temperatures, energy intake is often insufficient due to reduced feed intake, which affects egg production rate. Tests have shown that the egg production rate can be significantly increased after adding 1.5% cooked soybean oil to the feed during high temperature in summer. To this end, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the amount of cereal feed such as corn, so that it generally does not exceed 50% to 55%, and appropriately increase the nutrient concentration of the feed to ensure the normal performance of its production performance.

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