Why do you need to use medicine to prevent chicken disease?

With the development of fully automatic poultry farming equipment, more and more people choose to use automatic poultry farming equipment to raise chickens, and the number of breeding has also increased. Therefore, the cost of raising chickens has also begun to rise. How to effectively prevent disease becomes a problem.


1. Newcastle disease


Newcastle disease is a viral acute infectious disease. It has no epidemic season and can be attacked all year round. It is highly contagious, has a high incidence, is extremely fast, and has a very high mortality rate. When the disease occurs, it is characterized by difficulty in breathing and diarrhea in the chicken. If the pathology is acute, it will die within a few minutes to a few hours after the onset. If it is a subacute flower, the chicken will begin to be weak, loss of appetite, loose feathers, and fainting. Drowsiness, inconvenient movement, a squeaky voice in the mouth, and finally death.


Prevention and treatment method: Because the attack of this disease is extremely rapid, it is generally based on prevention. When the chicken is used, it should be vaccinated in time. It is necessary to strengthen the feeding and pay attention to the sanitation and disinfection. The drug treatment can be carried out in time after the onset of the disease, and the large-dose spray of the Newcastle disease I-line vaccine can be used for effective prevention and treatment.


2. Avian cholera


Avian cholera is a common infectious disease among poultry. It occurs mainly in long-term rainy weather and spreads through the digestive tract and respiratory tract. The specific manifestations of the disease are sepsis, diarrhea, and the same as Newcastle disease, which is divided into acute and chronic, with acute onset and high mortality. Chronic is characterized by joint inflammation and edema, depression, loose feathers, difficulty breathing, diarrhea and feces. Gray yellow white green.



Prevention and treatment methods: The disease is extremely harmful, and there is no good treatment. It should be based on prevention, timely vaccination prevention, and chronic drug treatment after the onset. If it is acute, the diseased chicken must be disposed of in time. If it is a chicken farm, there is basically no problem. The chicken farms should be completely blocked. All the chickens in the farm will be smothered and burned, and then the site will be completely disinfected. After two months, the chickens will be re-introduced.


3. Colibacillosis


Escherichia coli is a common disease caused by Escherichia coli. It does not specifically represent a disease, but is a unified term for diseases caused by E. coli. When the disease occurs, it becomes diarrhea, depression, loss of food or no food, and often kills the liver of the chicken and causes death.


Control methods: First of all, we must reduce the density of breeding, do a good job in the sanitation environment and disinfection work, drinking water and feed must be clean and clean, to prevent the occurrence of this disease due to degraded or mildewed drinking water feed. When the disease occurs, it can be controlled by the special effect of the medicinal medicinal stalk, and vitamins can be added to the feed to enhance the disease resistance.


In order to prevent the spread of diseases, it is recommended to select suitable poultry equipment suppliers to purchase equipment such as chicken cages, and use poultry farming equipment for breeding, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of diseases and facilitate management.

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