H-type automatic broiler cage equipment is on the stage!

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the breeding industry is also constantly ushering in innovation. In order to meet the market's continuous improvement in hygiene standards and profitability. We proudly launched a new H-type automatic broiler cage equipment, which has brought a new era to the breeding industry. Unprecedented change.

The farming industry has always been faced with the challenge of how to improve production efficiency and hygiene standards. The introduction of broiler farming equipment is designed to solve these problems. The equipment integrates automatic feeding, automatic drinking, automatic manure cleaning and automatic broiler harvesting. Perfectly completed the basic tasks of raising chickens. It provides farmers with more energy to focus on other aspects of the business, thereby maximizing profitability.

Imagine being able to house up to 10,000 chickens per farm! All this benefits from the advanced design of the H-type broiler breeding equipment. Whether it is in terms of production or hygiene standards, this system can bring a huge improvement to the farm. The equipment not only guarantees the health and productivity of the poultry, but also meets the highest standards in terms of environmental protection. Poultry broiler cages contribute to sustainable development.

The core feature of broiler farming equipment is its fully automated system and precise temperature and humidity control. Through the intelligent control system, you can easily obtain the best feeding effect. The equipment can automatically adjust the supply of feed and water according to the actual situation, while maintaining ideal temperature and humidity conditions, providing a comfortable and suitable growth environment for broilers, thereby ensuring the health and production efficiency of the chickens.

All in all, the launch of the H-type automatic broiler cage equipment marks a new era for the farming industry. This set of equipment is not only an ideal choice for modern chicken farms, but also a leader in the future development of the breeding industry. It not only meets the industry's high requirements for hygiene and profitability, but also makes a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the farming industry. Let us look forward to more miracles brought by this innovative equipment to the farming industry!


battery chicken cages help you save space

With a growing population and increasing food demand, the agricultural sector is facing enormous challenges. In this context, innovative agricultural technologies and equipment become even more important. As an innovative design that leads the way of raising chickens, the battery chicken cages brings efficient farming experience to modern agriculture and redefines the future of raising chickens.

Optimize space utilization and improve farming efficiency

One of the core advantages of battery cages is the optimized use of space. The traditional way of raising chickens often requires a large area of land to accommodate the chicken coops, but the stacked chicken coops stack the chicken coops vertically so that more chickens can be accommodated in a limited space. This not only saves land resources, but also greatly improves the breeding efficiency. The multi-level design means more chickens can be accommodated on the same floor area, which increases production and enables chicken farmers to more efficiently meet market demand.

Intelligent management to reduce labor costs

Efficient farming is not only about yield, but also about the efficiency of management. The battery cage poultry farming reduces the workload of the breeding staff through the intelligent management system. The automatic feeding system ensures that the chickens get a proper diet, while the automatic excrement cleaning system effectively reduces the maintenance time of the chicken coop. Breeding personnel can keep abreast of the health status and environmental conditions of the chickens through the remote monitoring system, so that they can manage the breeding process more accurately. This not only reduces labor costs, but also makes raising chickens more convenient and efficient.

Reduce disease risk and improve chicken health

The multi-level design of chicken cages not only saves space, but also helps to isolate the birds, reducing the risk of disease transmission. Each coop has a relatively independent space, which helps to prevent the spread of diseases in the flock. In addition, the intelligent monitoring system can track the health status of the chickens, detect and deal with potential problems early, thereby improving the overall health of the chickens.

Sustainable development, environmentally friendly

The intelligent design of the battery chicken cage not only made a breakthrough in breeding efficiency, but also performed well in terms of environmental protection. An automated feeding system can reduce food waste, and an automated excretion cleaning system can also help reduce waste emissions. This helps reduce resource waste and environmental pollution, making the chicken raising process more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


The emergence of battery chicken cages has completely changed the traditional way of raising chickens and brought new possibilities to the farming industry. It brings an efficient farming experience through features such as optimized space utilization, intelligent management, disease risk reduction, and environmental friendliness. As technology continues to advance, battery cage poultry farming will continue to push the chicken industry towards a more innovative, efficient and sustainable direction.


10 kinds of equipment necessary for poultry farming

The key to successful poultry farming is the selection of proper equipment. These equipment not only increase production and efficiency, but also protect the health and production quality of poultry, strengthening your leading position in the market. Whether you're an enthusiastic novice or a seasoned farming pro, here are ten pieces of indispensable poultry farming equipment that will breathe new life into your farm and deliver brilliant results!

Battery Chicken Cage: The multi-TIer structure of the chicken cage saves space and provides ample space for activities and rest. The feces are collected automatically through the feces collection system at the bottom, which is convenient and efficient.

Drinkers: Provide poultry with clean, fresh drinking water. There are many types to choose from, and the water will be replenished automatically to ensure a stable water supply.

Feeders: store and distribute feed to poultry. Automatically release the right amount of feed, reduce the frequency of manual feeding, save costs and reduce waste.

Automatic manure cleaning equipment: a mechanized system that automatically collects and cleans up the manure in the chicken house. Keep clean and hygienic to reduce the spread of disease.

Automatic egg collection equipment: Automatically collect eggs in the laying hen house. Improve collection efficiency, reduce breakage and contamination, increase egg production and profits.

Incubator: Provide constant temperature and humidity conditions to hatch eggs into young chickens. The controllable and stable hatching process can increase the hatching rate and help the farm to renew and expand.

Environmental control equipment: ventilation systems and air purifiers to improve air quality in the house. Maintain a comfortable environment, reduce odor and pollution, and improve poultry growth and production.

Lighting equipment: Provide suitable lighting. Automatically adjust light intensity and time, promote egg production and growth, and facilitate management and observation of poultry.

Temperature Regulating Equipment: To maintain a suitable temperature range. Automatically adjust heating or ventilation systems to protect poultry from cold or overheating and enhance adaptability.

Rodent and pest control equipment: prevent rodents, vermin and invasive animals from invading chicken coops. Protect poultry health and safety and reduce injury and disease transmission.

These ten types of poultry farming equipment will greatly increase your farming efficiency and output, while providing good living conditions and health protection for poultry. Choosing the equipment suitable for your farm needs will bring you a more brilliant farming business and help you win the market competition!

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