Points for attention in the use of chicken battery cages?

The chicken battery cages is a breeding cage commonly demanded by farmers in the chicken industry today. Its advantages in farming are also obvious to all. However, in the process of practical use, farmers often fail to grasp the operating points of the battery cage for layer, so that its breeding advantages cannot be exerted.


In the process of raising, the goal of improving the health of laying hens is to ensure the development of hens in layer battery cages and reduce the occurrence of diseases. In the process of raising laying hens, in order to avoid the pollution of the breeding garden, the laying hen cage must also have a relatively stable treatment principle. The following is the first to popularize some of the key points that farmers must grasp in the use of battery cage for chickens.



  1. Match a certain proportion of crude fiber in the diet to ensure that a certain amount of high-fiber carbohydrates are formed in the body of the laying hens, reduce the activity of fungi in the laying hens, and reduce the probability of disease.


  1. First of all, farmers must ensure that the size of the chicken cage is suitable and the quality is up to standard before using the battery chicken cage to raise chickens. As long as these objective premises reach their goals, then the flock may have a suitable developmental situation.


  1. Layer battery cages are the primary equipment in the growth process of chickens, so farmers should ensure that the surface of the stacked chicken cages is clean and tidy during the use process to prevent the chicken cages from being infected with chicken feathers or chicken manure. The feces are to be liquidated in real time.


  1. The temperature drop of the battery cage for layersis also more critical, which will affect the development and development of the chicken. When the temperature is relatively high, the chicken cage must be cooled.


  1. Layered chicken cages are prone to uneven light exposure in the upper, middle and bottom layers of the layer chicken cages for sale during the breeding process, which will affect the average growth of the chickens. The light bulbs in the chicken house should be properly installed. It is recommended to install them in a one-on-one-down method, which can ensure that the chickens receive the light evenly.


  1. The use of battery chicken cages limits the activity of the chickens. If this continues for a long time, it may cause obesity in the chickens. In order to prevent such conditions from occurring, farmers can take the production of beating layer chicken cages or feeding troughs. Force the flock to move.

The above are some of the key points that farmers must grasp in the use of battery chicken cages. It is hoped that these points described today can be paid more attention to in the subsequent breeding process of farmers to ensure the success of chicken farming.

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