Feeding and management of chickens raised in layer battery cages in Philippines

In recent years, large-scale layer battery cages in Philippines have become the general trend. I witnessed the feeding management process of one of them. Share it with you today.



Advantages of using battery cage system for poultry:

  1. Make full use of the building space and reduce the site and construction investment cost of each chicken.
  2. The return rate of feed is high, and chickens have strong growth advantages.
  3. It is easy to raise the temperature, save energy, and the fuel cost of each chicken is greatly reduced.
  4. Intestinal diseases are greatly reduced.
  5. The disease can be detected early, which is convenient for timely elimination, which is helpful for controlling the incidence of large groups.
  6. It can be slaughtered 40 days ago to shorten the feeding cycle.
  7. Save the cost of medicine, and the medicine fee for each chicken is less than one yuan.


The above are the advantages of using battery layer cages in the Philippines shared by layer cage manufacturers. We conclude from the above 7 points. Hope it can help poultry farmers to understand more about the poultry battery cage system. Let more poultry look like Hu live more income through the battery cage system.

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