Prevention and Treatment of Protozoal Diseases

1, Coccidiosis. For the disease, try not to prevent the drug, because the coccidia and its spores are extremely resistant to drugs, and the drug is administered according to the therapeutic amount. After stopping the drug for 12 hours, the drug and the drug can be resistant. The drug resistance time can be as long as 3 weeks or more, and the prevention of pure Chinese medicine; coccidiosis with enteritis does not need to add drugs for enteritis, coccidiosis cures after intestinal inflammation, and coccidiosis is a composite preparation. There are drugs for treating enteritis; when coccidiosis is treated, insecticide is essential, and hemostasis is an aid to prevent individual bad pharmaceutical companies from reducing costs. Inverted and added high-dose hemostatic agents, and the insecticidal effect is poor, easy to relapse, and increased for later treatment. Difficulty. azra's poultry equipment.

2, chicken live leukocyte protozoa (white crown disease)

The disease has been in a high incidence in recent years, but the disease does not have an outbreak condition, and it is easy to treat without prevention.

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