4 tips should be paid attention to when raising chickens in automatic battery cage system

The main advantage of raising chickens in automatic battery cage systems price is a threefold increase in density compared to free-range rearing. Make profits increase. The number of days decreased, and evenness and survival rate improved. However, there are also many problems:


1, pay attention to the chicken house temperature. The temperature difference depends on ventilation, the tightness of the farm and the level of feeding management. For chicken battery cages, balancing temperature differences is key to successful breeding. The automated battery cage system has better ventilation resistance. Results The wind speed of hen house was low, so the comfort of hen should be closely monitored during ventilation.


2.High breeding density and high body temperature. Ventilation is fundamental to poultry farming. The density per unit area is large, with the growth of the individual, the ventilation resistance will be more and more large, the body temperature will be higher and higher.



3, pay attention to observe the stress state of the chicken. Require reasonable hen house height and roof slope, as well as reasonable air inlet height. Reasonable negative pressure and airflow direction are required. In addition, due to the influence of external wind speed, the negative pressure is unstable, which affects the air inlet wind speed, and also leads to uneven mixing of cold air.


4.Local temperature is high. In the middle and late period of cultivation, hot air will accumulate during the transition ventilation, resulting in high local temperature.

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