How to reduce the sick rate of laying hens?

How to ensure the egg production rate of chickens in chicken house breeding using layer chicken cages. That must be to pay attention to the prevention of laying hen diseases. The following are some key points and measures for disease prevention of laying hens shared by poultry equipment manufacturers.


  1. The temperature of the chicken house should be suitable. Appropriate temperature can bring good benefits to feed. In addition to adjusting the temperature according to the standard temperature of the chickens, farmers also need to flexibly control the temperature according to the reaction of the chickens. Generally, the temperature in the coop is too low and the chickens will crowd together. When the chickens scream and gather, when the temperature in the house is too high, the chickens are scattered and panting, and when the temperature is suitable, the chickens are evenly distributed. Therefore, farmers must combine to adjust the appropriate temperature, so that chickens can grow healthily.


  1. Appropriate density: laying hens are now raised in poultry battery cage system for laying hens. High breeding density. In order to raise more chickens, some farmers do not pay attention to the standard density and increase the density at will. This is a very wrong decision. If the density is too high, not only will the growth rate of chickens be much slower, but also harmful gases in the air will be increased. Chickens are susceptible to Escherichia coli, coccidia, etc., which can accelerate the epidemic. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the stocking density in the chicken cage.



  1. The chicken house has peculiar smell and the air is not fresh. There are many laying hens in the chicken house. If farmers do not pay attention to ventilation or manure removal, the chicken house will produce a large amount of harmful gases such as ammonia gas, which will seriously affect the health of chickens and even lead to death. Therefore, it is recommended that poultry farmers use automated manure removal systems and automated ventilation systems. The use of automaticpoultry farming equipment can ensure that the house is properly ventilated without reducing the normal suitable house temperature. In order to reduce the content of harmful gases and dust in the chicken house, ensure the freshness of the chicken house, and ensure the healthy growth of the chickens in the chicken house.


  1. Strengthen the sanitation and disinfection of the chicken house: Regular disinfection of the chicken house can effectively kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house, which is a key measure to prevent diseases and ensure the health of the chicken house. Therefore, farmers must always put disinfection at home in the first place in the work of chicken disease prevention. It is necessary to do a good job in the disinfection of the three links before the chicks are put into the house, the entire feeding period, and the laying period of the laying hens.


The above poultry equipment manufacturers share some measures and key points to reduce the incidence of chickens in the process of reducing laying hens in cages. Hope to help poultry farmers. For more information on poultry farming, please follow our website.

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