Why poultry farmers are advised to buy high-quality layer cage systems?

Why are poultry farmers recommended to buy high-quality layer cage systems? Many people will have doubts, the capacity is similar, and no matter who provides and buys it, laying hens can be raised. What I need is cheap, cheapest, good, best price. Many countries have this idea when it comes to battery chicken cages and poultry raising equipment.


However, have you asked yourself when you are buying cheap chicken cages. Is this really a good choice. I am afraid that farmers who have used inferior cages will answer, no.


Many novice farmers may not be aware of the difference in cage quality and configuration. They think the chicken cages are the same, at least they look the same, and there's no difference. Actually the difference is huge. The service life of the chicken cage and the egg production rate during use will be affected.


High-quality poultry raising equipment, the raw material of the layer cage is Q235 international steel wire rod, hot-dip galvanized. The cage is U-shaped hot-dip galvanized.

Inferior chicken cages usually use low-profile raw materials, electro-galvanized or cold-galvanized. Such cages are prone to rust. Some are even unqualified for the weight of the cage and the length of the cage.



If using poor quality poultry equipment. It will rust in about 3 years. Up to 6 years, you will need to buy poultry farming equipment again. It's only a few years between when you're buying a new cage. This will cost you a lot of energy and time. You have to spend money again to buy chicken cage system. The cost of buying second-hand equipment is almost 1.5 times the cost of a high-quality chicken coop. This also means that you not only spend a lot of money on poultry equipment, but also pay for delivery shipping and installation.


On top of that, using poor quality cages can lead to low egg production. The design of some chicken coops is simply unscientific, with narrow intervals between layers, and they are not easy to lay eggs.


You can benefit from using quality battery chicken cages. Although the investment in purchasing poultry farming equipment will be a little more, it will last a long time. At least 15-20 years without changing the chicken coop. This way your time and energy will be devoted to breeding and raising chickens. High-quality chicken cages have scientific design solutions, which can provide a comfortable environment for chickens, so that chickens have a higher egg production rate and fewer deaths.


The above are the reasons shared by poultry equipment manufacturers for choosing high-quality layer cage systems. It is recommended that no matter where you buy poultry farming equipment, focus on quality first and then negotiate price. Without quality, price means nothing.

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