How to choose poultry cages

Poultry cages are now the most common method of poultry farming. Because the poultry cage system not only provides a suitable environment for the chickens, but also allows the chickens to play a better role in the breeding process.


How to choose poultry layer cages

  1. Since automaticchicken raising is more popular nowadays, when choosing the size of the layer cage, you should consider whether you need to install automatic chicken farming equipment to assist in raising chickens. If necessary, the size of the layer cage should be based on the automation equipment. The area to choose from.


  1. Although there are many sizes of layer cages, the area of each farmer’s chicken house is also diverse. The reason for the many sizes of layer cages is to facilitate the different sizes of chicken houses for each farmer. Let farmers choose the size of their own chicken coop, so farmers should choose according to the size of their chicken coop when buying layer cages. If you don’t know how to determine the required size, you can consult before buying The manufacturer’s technicians will recommend a suitable layer cage size according to the area of the chicken house.


  1. The number of layers that can be raised in different layer cage sizes is different. Therefore, when choosing the size, you should choose according to the number of layers to be raised. You can consult the manufacturer to determine the specific size and ability of the layer cage. quantity.


  1. If the size of the general layer cage cannot meet the size of the chicken house or the area ofthe chicken house is very different from the size of the general chicken house, the farmer can consult the technician who sells the layer cage for maternity leave. Some manufacturers can follow According to the needs of farmers, services such as design transformation or independent upgrade of equipment.



Problems to pay attention to when buy poultry layer battery cages


   1. When choosing equipment vendors, farmers should choose direct-sale manufacturers, because some agents often increase the price of equipment in order to make money, which will increase the cost for ordinary farmers. If you choose a direct selling manufacturer, there will be no intermediate price difference, and the price will be more advantageous. Moreover, if there is a problem with the equipment during the breeding period, you can directly contact the manufacturer, which is simple, convenient and fast.


  1. The angle at the bottom of the chicken cage must be accurate. If the angle is too small, the egg cannot be rolled out in time, and it may be trampled by the chicken. If the angle is too large, the egg will easily fall to the ground and be broken, or the egg rolling has a strong momentum. As a result, they will crash into each other. Generally, the slope of the bottom of the cage should be kept at 7 to 8 degrees. If farmers buy cheap chicken cages with unreasonable design, the egg breakage rate will increase. Although the cost of equipment is saved, the benefits are also reduced.


  1. At present, there are two kinds of cold galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing layer cages on the market. The price of hot-dip galvanizing is a little higher because its service life is longer than that of cold galvanizing. When laying hens, consider the number of years of raising chickens. If the breeding time is longer, choose hot-dip galvanized layer cages. If the breeding time is not long, choose cold-galvanized layer cages with lower prices.


  1. Pay attention to the quality while comparing prices. Whether the cheap equipment is qualified in terms of quality. If you buy cheap equipment with poor quality, you need to maintain it frequently, increasing the cost of the equipment, and if the equipment is damaged, it will need to be repaired. It will adversely affect the growth and production of laying hens, and serious stress may occur.
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