How to prevent diseases in layer cage breeding

Now layer cages are one of the most commonly used poultry farming equipment for chicken farmers. Chickens live in chicken cages, making it easier for farmers to manage. However, it is also necessary to prevent chickens from getting sick, to ensure that the quality of sanitation work meets the standards, to pay attention to the situation of the chickens in real time and to effectively grasp the health of the chickens.

When constructing chicken house, farmers first choose a place with a sunny, flat terrain, high dryness, convenient water access, far away from the village, and convenient transportation. The chicken house must be built in a place with high terrain, convenient drainage, and good ventilation; the inside of the house should be a concrete floor to facilitate cleaning and disinfection, and a sandy playground should be set outside the door.



The second is to ensure that the chicken house is ventilated and has a suitable temperature. Observe the condition of the flock. If they are evenly distributed, move freely, and are relatively quiet, the temperature of the chicken house is just right.

The third point is to formulate scientific immunization procedures. To ensure the healthy life of laying hens, when purchasing vaccines, you must choose those produced by regular large-scale manufacturers. The amount of vaccine should be sufficient, the immunization program should be reasonable, and the immunization method should be correct. In the early stage, immunization by nasal drops, eye drops or mouth drops should be promoted, and injections should be adopted in the later stage.

To sum up, the above are the specific measures for disease prevention in layer cages shared by poultry cage system manufacturers for farmers. Hope there is a place that can help farmers.

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