How to clean the chicken house?

Tools and raw materials: high-pressure water, gun hose, rag Material: water



Methods and steps:


(1) The chicken house can be washed 2 to 3 days after finishing the house. When flushing, follow the principle of up and down and inside and out to ensure the flushing effect and work efficiency, while also saving costs. The sequence of flushing is: ceiling, chicken layer cage system and broiler cage system, feed trough, manure board, air inlet, wall, floor, storage room, rest room, operation room, manure ditch, to prevent the area that has been washed from being renewed Pollution, corners, manure ditch and other corners are the focus of flushing to avoid the formation of "dead corners"; the flushing wastewater is discharged out of the house through the rear of the house and cleaned or fermented in time to prevent it from polluting the farm area and the chicken house environment.


(2) Scrub the parts where the drinking water pipe and the cage contact, wire troughs, material troughs, motors, fans, etc. that cannot be washed or are not easy to be washed. Personnel entering the chicken house must wear clean overalls and work shoes; use clean water and clean cloths when scrubbing; clean the cloths in time; the sewage from washing cloths should not be discharged or spilled in the chicken house, but should be discharged outside the chicken house.

(3) After washing and finishing, the work effect should be checked. The storage room, chicken cage, manure board, manure ditch, equipment control switch, lock box, exhaust outlet and other parts should be checked (each part should be at least Take 5 points or more) to ensure that there is no residual feed, chicken manure, chicken feathers and other dirt. If the flushing fails, the organization should be reorganized immediately.

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