Basic conditions for realizing automatic chicken breeding

What are the basic conditions for chicken farming equipment to realize automatic chicken farming? The specific operations are as follows:

The waiter should choose suitable chicken raising equipment. This is conducive to standardizing the management of chickens, improving breeding techniques, and saving breeding costs.

Farmers focus on strengthening feeding management. Improve the microclimate in the house. Provide a comfortable production environment for the chicken coop. Attention should also be paid to disease prevention and early detection and treatment to reduce and eliminate the occurrence of poultry diseases.

According to the characteristics of chickens, provide suitable temperature and humidity. Breeders ensure good air in the house through ventilation.

According to the chicken's biological clock, growth law and disease characteristics, formulate scientific light program and feed restriction program, and feed chickens at different growth stages with different formula feeds, so that the nutritional content of the diet is closer to the nutritional requirements of the chickens, and the feed can be improved. Conversion rates.

The most professional chicken cage equipment supplier, we remind everyone that it is very important to raise chickens, and it is also important to choose good breeding equipment. I hope that all farmers will do better in the breeding industry.

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