Chicken house cooling management

It is well known that for chicken houses that use chicken farming equipment, cooling management of the house is very important. So what should we pay attention to in the management of the chicken house?


1. The effective temperature and somatosensory temperature of the chicken house, the air flow above the chicken can produce a convective cooling effect, thereby eliminating the moisture released by the chicken's normal breathing and wheezing. The flow rate through the entire house air can produce an "air cooling effect" on the birds. Whether the ventilation management of the house is effective, whether the chicken is comfortable, can not only look at the temperature displayed by the thermometer and the thermostat, must pay attention to the somatosensory temperature of the chicken. Special note: The best way to judge whether the environmental strength of the house is suitable and whether the flock is healthy and comfortable is to observe the flock, that is, to understand the comfort level of the flock according to whether the flock is eating, drinking, tweeting, mental state, etc. .



2. For the temperature setting of the chicken house, it is recommended that the temperature of the house be kept at 22 °C ~ 24 °C, and when the temperature reaches 32 °C or above, all the fans in the house can start to start, so the difference between the fans at all levels must be set. It is reasonable to avoid frequent starts of the fan. The temperature probe is placed 20 cm from the chicken back on the chicken house. Clean the probe with a dry rag every week to remove dust from the top to ensure a strong sensitivity.


3. Maintenance of ventilation equipment in the chicken house, maintenance of ventilation and cooling equipment. Regularly maintain and maintain the ventilation and cooling equipment of the house to ensure the best performance. In advance, the fan of each house will be maintained by the personnel of the power protection company, and all the wires will be connected for debugging. The setting of the fan is required to be automatic. Do not hit the manual to ensure the use. According to the actual situation of the site, equipment maintenance plans and procedures are formulated, such as black cover, blinds, fan blade cleaning, wet curtain pool cleaning, belt adjustment and replacement, generator commissioning and maintenance. Some common accessories to do the appropriate inventory and so on.


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