How can broiler cages be used to increase the growth rate of broilers?

Broiler battery cages are used in poultry farming. Put 2-3 chickens in each coop. Then install a trough and water tank at the location of the broiler cage. Through automatic feeding mechanism and water supply system, we can take care of poultry diet on time, so that all poultry can get enough food and water during feeding process, and at the same time get a lot of growth nutrients.


The battery cages is made of good quality and smooth galvanized material. It can well control the occurrence of problems such as foot injury and infection in poultry during exercise. At the same time, when manure is produced, it can be conveniently put into the manure collection device from the bottom of the cage, which facilitates the treatment of chicken manure and ensures a hygienic environment in the breeding environment.



Broiler battery cages are used for breeding. On the one hand, chickens are well isolated, preventing the entire breeding space from being infected when some poultry are sick, ensuring the overall hygiene of poultry, and greatly improving production efficiency.


Broiler cage equipment are directly related to the interests of farmers. The proportion of brooding, breeding and laying hens of many chicken farmers is out of balance and does not meet the requirements. The rearing area is often too small, the stocking density is too high, and the feed and drinking troughs are insufficient. It can be said that this is a common problem for chicken farmers, and it is also one of the important factors affecting the economic benefits of laying hens. Some chicken farmers raise more chickens and use less room or no extra broiler cages to feed chickens. Raising chickens in battery cages too early is not conducive to the growth and development of middle-aged chicks, thus affecting the egg-laying performance of hens. In laying hens, the harvest is after the hens lay their eggs.


Battery cage systems is of poor quality and is not matched, so the equipment for raising chickens, breeders and laying hens has specifications and proportions. The equipment should be matched to facilitate the normal growth and reasonable turnover of chickens, give full play to the utilization rate and operation rate of the equipment, and make the depreciation cost allocated to each hen or per kilogram of eggs more reasonable, thereby reducing production costs.

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