poultry farming equipment manufacturers recommend the use of poultry farming equipment should check

Poultry farming equipment manufacturers suggest farmers to sterilize chicken automation equipment. Sterilize equipment and tools. Avoid the presence of bacterial pathogens and susceptibility of flocks to disease.


Check the farm water pipes regularly for blockage. Check the cleanliness of the inner wall of the water pipe and clean it to prevent harmful bacteria from remaining in the inner wall of the water pipe. It can be pressurized with a sponge ball, cleaned with a clean waterline tool, or soaked with medication. Pay attention to residual water pipes after grouping. Clean the hose first, then group. Chickens can drink healthy water to reduce intestinal diseases.




Poultry farming equipment manufacturers suggest to get the battery cage systems price.  poultry farming equipment can choose a few sets of comparison. Choose equipment with competitive price.


Establish standardized feeding facilities so that flocks of chickens live in battery chicken cages. Clean and hygienic, thus reducing drug costs. Chicken house roofs need good insulation to reduce heating costs.


Pay more attention to the installation and debugging of automatic poultry farming equipment. Engineer on-site supervision and inspection, improve the quality of equipment installation and debugging. Keep drivers away from dust and in high humidity to prevent accidental exposure. There should be enough space around the driver for ventilation and adjustment. The driver can be mounted vertically, and there are fixed holes in the chassis of the poultry farming equipment.


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