Fully automatic chicken farming equipment to raising chicken

The fully automatic chicken raising equipment does not require manual operation by the farmers for raising chickens. The farmer said that the fully automatic chicken breeding equipment can not only reduce the labor cost of the chicken farm, but also can effectively complete a series of work of raising chickens. Nowadays, farmers prefer to use automated chicken raising equipment to raise chickens. Let's talk about the advantages.

So what are the advantages of fully automatic chicken farming equipment?

  1. Fully automatic chicken breeding equipment is hierarchical breeding, the number of layers can be selected, and the breeding density per unit space is very high.
  2. It can automatically feed and drink water, thereby improving labor productivity and egg-to-feed ratio.
  3. Fully automatic chicken raising equipment can automatically collect eggs, reducing labor costs.
  4. Conveyor type automatic manure removal, which can clean manure many times a day, greatly reducing the respiratory diseases of chickens.
  5. Centralized feeding, automatic adjustment of air intake, oxygen content and humidity, reduce the amount of contact of the staff in the chicken house, help prevent and control chicken diseases, and ensure the healthy growth of chickens and safe high-quality eggs.



The poultry chicken breeding equipment adopts automatic control design, and the operation method is relatively simple. It is suitable for intensive brooding, broilers and laying hens of different sizes. A series of manual procedures such as automatic egg retrieval, cleaning, packaging, and grading are realized, which reduces the bacteria caused by artificial feeding. Now, many chicken farmers gradually feel that traditional chicken equipment can no longer meet their needs, and gradually shift from artificial breeding equipment to automated breeding through fully automatic chicken equipment. Farmers can make investments according to the actual conditions of the chicken farms, and rationally improve infrastructure construction and equipment investment.

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