Matters needing attention in incubation under high ambient temperature and low ambient temperature

Many farmers are now using poultry farming equipment to raise chickens, but do you know the precautions when hatching chickens?

When the ambient temperature is high (above 30℃), the embryo has started to develop during the storage of the eggs, but the longer the condition is, the more disadvantageous it is for hatching.

First, although the development has begun, but the temperature has not reached the appropriate incubation temperature, the embryonic development at this time is difficult to normal;

Secondly, there is no chance that the embryo will stick to the eggshell without the egg turning operation.

Therefore, the shorter the storage time, the better. Incubation under high ambient temperature conditions, over-temperature is common, so cold egg operation can be performed when necessary. Usually shut down for 2-3 hours every day, move the egg cart out of the incubator to ventilate and cool the eggs. The downtime can be increased or decreased according to the ambient temperature.

When the ambient temperature is low (below 10℃), heat preservation is the first need, and the speed of dropping dishes and eggs should be accelerated as much as possible to reduce temperature loss. At the same time, the time from starting up to reaching the normal temperature of the hatching, and the time of returning to the normal hatching temperature after the egg is dropped, is much longer than that of the high ambient temperature. In order to compensate for the accumulated temperature of hatching lost during these times, the method of increasing the total number of hatching hours can be used.

The specific method is: through observation to understand the time from starting to reaching the set temperature in a certain ambient temperature range, and the time to return to normal temperature after the plate is dropped and the egg is taken.

Refer to these and determine the number of hours to increase incubation. The added time is less than the sum of the above three times, because most of these three times will not be lower than the critical temperature of incubation.

No matter which poultry equipment suppliers you are using, you should pay attention to these matters.

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