Safe operation points for using fully automatic chicken equipment

The automatic poultry breeding equipment is an auxiliary equipment that many farmers now choose when they carry out breeding work. Especially in the chicken industry, the general farmers will use fully automatic chicken farming equipment to raise chickens, improving efficiency and efficiency. Most automatic chicken farming equipment is mechanized equipment, and should be operated in accordance with the safety regulations of the correct method, so as not to affect the safety of equipment and personnel. The author will briefly describe some of the key points of safe operation for using fully automated poultry farming equipment.

1. During the operation of the equipment, it is strictly forbidden to observe the operation and operation of the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to open the relevant inspection port for maintenance. If it is really necessary to observe the operation of the relevant components during operation, professional personnel are required to follow the procedures and have the necessary personal protective measures.

2. When the farmer is inspecting, repairing and maintaining, the staff must ensure that the main power switch is disconnected and the main switch of the power supply is blocked, otherwise serious injury accidents may occur.

3. Installation, maintenance or maintenance of electrical equipment related to this equipment shall be carried out by professional electric operators in accordance with the regulations, otherwise serious injury accidents may occur.

4. The protective parts of the equipment are an important part of the equipment and should not be removed at will. If damage occurs, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

5. There are two travel switches installed on the nose and tail of the chicken breeding equipment feeder. Therefore, if the track wheel of the feeder hits any one of the travel switches, it will stop running. This requires the farmers to check regularly. Whether the stroke switch is sensitive, if the problem of failure occurs, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it is easy to pull the truck, and even lead to more serious consequences.

6. When the general automatic poultry farming equipment manufacturers produces the layer cage equipment, it will set a shock line at the bottom of the egg in the trough. This is to prevent the chicken from going to the quail egg, so this requires the farmer not to touch it with his hands to avoid being injured.

7. Many farming equipments need electricity. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the operation of the power supply part. The power cord should be used with a special protective sleeve. There is also a wiring part of the equipment, there must be a special terminal block to prevent leakage and cause accidents.

8. When using or repairing equipment, the operator must be trained in professional skills and operate in strict accordance with the relevant operating procedures.

9. The device has relevant safety operation warnings. Please pay attention to and read these tips carefully when using or maintaining.

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