Feeding and management of chickens raised in layer battery cages in Philippines

In recent years, large-scale layer battery cages in Philippines have become the general trend. I witnessed the feeding management process of one of them. Share it with you today.



Advantages of using battery cage system for poultry:

  1. Make full use of the building space and reduce the site and construction investment cost of each chicken.
  2. The return rate of feed is high, and chickens have strong growth advantages.
  3. It is easy to raise the temperature, save energy, and the fuel cost of each chicken is greatly reduced.
  4. Intestinal diseases are greatly reduced.
  5. The disease can be detected early, which is convenient for timely elimination, which is helpful for controlling the incidence of large groups.
  6. It can be slaughtered 40 days ago to shorten the feeding cycle.
  7. Save the cost of medicine, and the medicine fee for each chicken is less than one yuan.


The above are the advantages of using battery layer cages in the Philippines shared by layer cage manufacturers. We conclude from the above 7 points. Hope it can help poultry farmers to understand more about the poultry battery cage system. Let more poultry look like Hu live more income through the battery cage system.


Layer cage equipment manufacturers analyze the reasons for frequent chicken diseases

At present, the chicken industry is in good shape, especially in recent years, the emergence of various automatic chicken raising equipment for sale has accelerated the efficiency and benefit of chicken raising. Many users have joined the farming industry. However, many users have not mastered chicken raising technology, resulting in frequent occurrence of various diseases in breeding. It restricts the economic benefits of farmers. Next, the layer cage equipment manufacturer Great Wall Animal Husbandry will analyze the reasons for the frequent occurrence of chicken diseases in the process of raising chickens.



  1. Conditions for disease control are weak. Now there are many farms with the same scale, and the breeding techniques of many farmers are very different. Therefore, some farmers with inexperienced and poor technology have little ability to prevent and treat diseases, resulting in low disease control ability, resulting in frequent and easy occurrence of epidemic diseases.


  1. There is no concept of disease prevention. Many novice farmers have no idea that prevention is greater than cure. They think that prevention may lead to disease, but it is better to have good quality in a timely manner, resulting in often neglected disease prevention work in the production process. The use of automated poultry drinking systems in battery cage systemsfor sale allows chickens to immunize while drinking.


  1. Poor feeding environment. The environment of the chicken house determines the incidence of these many diseases. The breeding environment includes sanitary isolation conditions, field environment, environmental control ability in the house, breeding density, and the process of fecal and sewage treatment. In chicken farms with backward breeding environment, even if high-quality breeds, full-price feed, reasonable epidemic prevention measures, etc. are selected, the production level of chickens cannot be achieved, and at the same time, conditions are created for the frequent occurrence of diseases.


  1. The level of feeding and management is low. Whether the breeding and management techniques of farmers are good not only directly affects the performance of the flock, but also affects the resistance and disease resistance of the flock, which leads to the occurrence of epidemic diseases.



Poor feeding management includes many aspects, the more prominent ones are:


  1. Immunity is unscientific. Unreasonable immunization procedures, poor vaccine quality, improper vaccine selection, stress response and other reasons lead to immunization failure, resulting in the occurrence of infectious diseases.


  1. Unreasonable use of drugs. Abuse of antibiotics, inappropriate use of drugs, inappropriate methods of administration, and lack of attention to the interaction between drugs make the disease not controlled in time, and at the same time lead to the occurrence of some drug poisoning diseases;


  1. The problem of feed is prominent. Many farmers have problems such as unbalanced feed nutrient content, low feed nutrient concentration and low nutrient digestibility due to cognition, technology and other reasons in the production process, which not only causes poor production performance of chickens , waste of production costs, and also affects the resistance of chickens to diseases, causing nutritional metabolic diseases, various deficiencies and infectious diseases;


  1. There is no concept of disinfection: Many farmers have not implemented the work of disinfection of chicken houses, lack of necessary disinfection facilities, coupled with the poor environment of farmers' chicken houses, resulting in the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms and the occurrence and spread of epidemic diseases;


  1. The chickens have a serious stress response. In chicken production, due to improper management such as poor ventilation, water shortage, immunization, unreasonable lighting, etc.; environmental changes such as high temperature, noise, climate change and other factors lead to severe stress reactions, which affect the normal operation of chickens. Metabolism and immune response make it poor resistance, low production performance, and easy to cause various diseases.


The above is the reason for the frequent occurrence of chicken diseases in the process of breeding laying hens analyzed by the layer cage equipment manufacturer for the farmers. I hope the above description can bring some help to the farmers.


Disinfecting the battery cage system regularly is a vital step in the chicken farming process

The battery cage system in Uganda is a relatively new type of automatic chicken raising equipment in modern times. Compared with the traditional method of raising chickens, this kind of equipment has a higher survival rate of chickens and is easy to operate. At the same time, it also reduces the virus caused by the problem of the chicken itself. So the chicken cage system is a very good chicken raising equipment.


However, if we want to make the chicken raising equipment play its role more fully, we must first clean up the chicken raising equipment regularly, then the layer cage manufacturer will give you a detailed summary.


Proper sanitization should be done prior to introduction of new chickens, and each battery cage system should be idle for at least 2 weeks after sanitization and fumigation. The disinfection effect of chicken raising equipment is determined before the use of bactericidal drugs, not the disinfectants used. This is a relatively basic method that reduces the total number of pathogens and removes contamination from hidden pathogens.



After cleaning the layer cage equipment, after eliminating all the chickens in the house, remove the manure and sundries scattered inside and outside the automatic chicken raising equipment. Remove the remaining feed, and discard the unused feed. The feed trough and the feed box should be cleaned, and the residual feed attached to the bottom and four walls of the feed box must be removed to avoid becoming the source of disease infection. Movable equipment should be removed from the chicken equipment and cleaned, disinfected and irradiated with sunlight. Moving unsterilized equipment back to the chicken equipment will destroy the disinfection effect of the chicken equipment and cause re-contamination.


Preliminarily clean the layer cage equipment, rinse the ceiling, walls and windows with water, remove the attached dust, splashed sewage and dirt, and then mix it with all the litter on the ground, the litter scattered outside the chicken equipment, the feed room and outside the laying hen equipment. The garbage, weeds, etc. are transferred to a place far away from the chicken raising equipment to accumulate and ferment to make fertilizer. Wash chicken equipment walls and equipment with detergent-added water, let them soak for 2 hours, and then use high-pressure water. The parts of the equipment that need to be wiped should be wiped carefully, and the dead corners or important parts should be carefully wiped with a brush if necessary. Disinfect the chicken equipment when it is still wet after washing. Some disinfectants may remain in the chicken equipment. Therefore, after disinfection, it needs to be rinsed with clean water. If the previously used bactericide is formaldehyde, use a second fumigation. Close doors and windows when fumigating and disinfecting. Commonly used fumigants are formalin and potassium permanganate.


Here is the analysis of the disinfection content of battery cage equipment by layer cage manufacturers. I hope this section can help you solve some problems. If you have other questions, you can pay attention to our website.


Four-point method to prevent chicken heatstroke

The use of battery cage systems in Ghana to raise chickens in summer for heat stroke has been highly valued by everyone. Let's ask the poultry cage manufacturer to explain the relevant solutions.


  1. Regularly ventilate and cool the house. In summer, farmers can open the windows in the coop to allow the air in the coop to form convection. Conditional farmers can install fans and wet curtains in the chicken house to help cool down. Farming equipment manufacturers remind farmers to avoid direct sunlight to the birds through windows, doors or vents during the summer.


  1. Take measures on the roof of the house. In summer, white lime milk can be sprayed on the roof, which can effectively reduce the temperature in the room.



  1. Take timely measures for treatment. If some chickens in the flock are found to have heat stroke, they should be moved to a cool and ventilated place in time. The most important point is to clean up the manure in the chicken house outside the chicken house in time to prevent the chicken manure from deteriorating and polluting the air of the chicken house.


  1. Strengthen the feeding and management of chickens. The best times to feed chickens are in the evening and in the morning. Lower temperatures in both phases can promote flock rationing.


The above are some specific measures for poultry cage manufacturers to prevent heatstroke in chickens. Hopefully these measures will help farmers raise chickens in the summer.


How to improve the growth rate of broilers

A battery broiler cages in South Africa was developed for broiler breeding. In order to overcome the broiler chest inflammation caused by hard cage bottom. The battery chicken cages are made of high quality international steel. The cages do not need to be moved before the chickens are sent to the slaughterhouse, which saves the trouble of catching the chickens and avoids possible adverse reactions. How can a broiler cage be used to increase the growth rate of broilers?


In fully automatic poultry farming equipment. We used the broiler cage method, placing 2-3 chickens per chicken in the broiler cage, and then installing a trough and a water tank in the position of the broiler cage. Through the automatic feeding system and water supply system, we can take care of the poultry's diet on time. Ensure that all poultry receive adequate food and water during feeding.



At the same time, they can get plenty of growth nutrients from broiler cages that are made of good quality. Smooth galvanized material, which is good for controlling foot injuries, infections and other problems during poultry movement. When manure is produced, it can be easily accessed from the bottom of the cage to the manure collection device, which facilitates the disposal of chicken manure and ensures a hygienic environment in the rearing environment.


The use of broiler cages for raising, in one way is also good for chicken isolation. Prevent diseased individual poultry from infecting the whole space. Ensure the overall sanitary condition of poultry. Greatly improved production efficiency.


The above is why the battery chicken cage system can improve the growth rate of broilers shared by poultry equipment manufacturers. Please visit our website for more knowledge on poultry farming.



How Ghanaian Farmers Buy Battery Layer Cages?


In recent years, poultry farming in Ghana has been supported by the government and society, and has a good poultry farming environment. Many farmers are willing to use poultry equipment to join the chicken industry. So what points should farmers pay attention to when know battery layer cages price in Ghana:



  1. The distance between the iron bars of the layerhen cage. This indicator of the layer chickencage is very important. A reasonable distance is 2.5cm*5cm. Some farmers may think that the number of layers is relatively large, which can increase the distance. This idea is wrong. Conditional farmers can also lay a plastic net at the bottom of the laying hen cage that is consistent with the cage eyes, which can not only buffer the strength of the eggs hitting the net, reduce the egg breaking rate, but also prevent some diseases. .


  1. The design angle of the egg roll at the bottom of the layer chicken cages. The angle of the cage must be accurate. The small angle could not push the egg in time and was trampled by the chicken. Large angles may cause the eggs to crack. The general angle should be kept at seven. to an octave.


  1. Pay attention to the connection between the battery layercagein Ghana and the bottom of the cage net. I must remind everyone here that there should not be too many gaps here, because there are more ground eggs here. Be sure to pay attention to this detail when purchasing a layer cage.


  1. Material selection of layer battery cage. The material selection of the chicken cage is very particular. A suitable and tough material needs to be selected. The diameter of the wire at the bottom of the cage is about 2 mm. The egg breaking rate is small. The larger the wire diameter, the easier it is to cause broken eggs.


The above four points are the experience summed up by layer cage manufacturers. It is hoped that more poultry farmers can choose high-quality poultry farming equipment when purchase battery chicken cage system.


Precautions for disinfection of layer cage system

Like a lot of poultry farming equipment in the use of the above is inevitably contaminated with dirt and all kinds of bacteria. Even our constant cleaning can't ensure that the surface is clean. Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect the equipment regularly in ordinary use. Today and poultry equipment manufacturers together to see equipment in the disinfection of the precautions.



1, first of all, before disinfection of poultry equipment is the need to eliminate the dirt in the equipment. Because equipment such as the layer chicken cages above the dirt is often more. It contains a lot of feces, pads and other dirt, so when disinfection is to prevent disinfectant and bacteria contact. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the dirt in the battery layer cage system and hen house before disinfection.

2, because disinfection drugs need to be prepared, so it is necessary to ensure adequate dosage. In particular, attention should be paid not to increase or decrease the dosage of disinfectants at will. And when disinfection must wait until the breeding equipment is in a dry state can be disinfected. Because if it is not completely dried or sprayed after rinsing, it can also affect the effect of infiltration.

3, because disinfectant is not immediately effective after spraying. Give it plenty of time to sit around.

The above is introduced when poultry farming equipment price in South Africa disinfection precautions, only in accordance with the correct way to disinfection can ensure that the full effect of disinfection drugs, and can better eliminate some of the bacteria.


Correct methods to reduce the rate of broken eggs


At present, the problem of broken eggs in domestic chicken farms brings larger losses to farmers. The daily rate of broken eggs is now around 18 percent of the daily output. This is a very high number. How to avoid such a situation? Next poultry equipment manufacturers will explain to you how to avoid egg breakage.



  1. Increase the number of egg collection every day. Try to use automatic chicken equipment to collect eggs. Special attention is needed during peak egg production. Don't overdo it so as not to startle the chickens. Use the egg picker to collect the eggs after the movement should also be light.


2, flat chickens to ensure that the egg box is enough. Soft cushions should be laid at the bottom of the container, and cushioning pads should be used on the inside of the egg tank to cushion the impact.


  1. Insist on checking the health status of chickens to prevent the occurrence of various diseases. Because there are a lot of diseases that not only cause the drop but the egg production plummets. It also makes the eggshell thinner. Directly leading to an increase in broken eggs.


4, breeding statistics of higher eggshell quality belongs to brown shell laying hens. The rate of shell breakage of brown eggs is generally lower than that of white eggs.


5, try to use automatic chicken raising equipment for feeding operation. Eliminate miscellaneous people to enter the chicken farm. Create a quiet and comfortable environment for chickens to grow and lay eggs.


  1. From 48 to 58 weeks of age, a short hunger strike of 3 to 6 days is required. During this period, egg production will not be affected, and the rate of broken eggs can be greatly reduced.


The above is the poultry equipment manufacturers from 6 points to share the use of automated chicken equipment to reduce egg breakage rate. Here is a sincere proposal for poultry farmers to use poultry cage chicken. If you are interested, please leave a message.



Automatic poultry cage systems for layer are widely used in the world

Until now, there has been a situation in the poultry industry where people prefer to choose and use automatic poultry cage systems to raise laying hens. As the best choice for raising laying hens.



Poultry farming equipment has such advantages

  1. Modern poultry farming equipment price list has the characteristics of automation. That is, it can be controlled by computer to realize micro-environment control such as automatic feeding, water supply, temperature and humidity control. Greatly reduce people's burden and reduce labor costs.


  1. A closed breeding environment can greatly reduce external influences such as the spread of avian influenza by wild birds. Reduce the risk of chicken death.



  1. battery layer cages for sale in South Africa allows you to choose more chickens in the coop and increase the breeding income. The utilization rate of the chicken house can be increased by more than 3 times.

Management system of large-scale automatic chicken equipment farm

For chicken farms that use large-scale automatic chicken raising equipment to raise chickens, in addition to mastering scientific and reasonable chicken raising technology, especially the management system of chicken farm breeders, these are the key factors for farmers to successfully create and raise chickens. The important guarantee of chicken efficiency can allow farmers to raise chickens with half the effort. The following poultry equipment manufacturers will take you to understand the main points of the management system of large-scale chicken farms.



1.Strengthen personnel management: Generally, the number of large-scale chicken farms is relatively large, so it is necessary to hire some people to complete the feeding work together. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the management of staff and strictly control the entry scale of off-site personnel. In poultry farms, if it is necessary to enter, they should change clothes and shoes, and can enter only after passing through the disinfection room.

 2.Improve the rules and regulations: in the daily management process, farmers should formulate different work points for different staff, such as the management system of the farm manager, technician, breeder, etc.; in the usual management, follow the rules and strengthen the assessment. All systems are put on the wall and implemented in accordance with the system.

 3.Pay attention to file management: For chicken farms that use large-scale chicken raising equipment to raise chickens, special attention should be paid to the records of work, and various sound records should be established, whether it is the situation of the flock, the use of drugs, or the salary of the staff. And so on are to be recorded, the records must be recorded in a timely manner, the records are complete. The ledger data is kept for more than 2 years.

 4.Implement scientific epidemic prevention: If farmers want to keep their chickens healthy, they must do a good job of scientific immunization. Immunization is an important means to prevent infectious diseases in chickens. Therefore, doing a good job of immunization can make Keep the flock healthy, and pay attention to the farmers to implement the immunization program according to the plan.

 5.Equipped with reasonable chicken raising equipment: All kinds of chicken raising equipment are the key to realizing large-scale farming. Therefore, farmers should prepare reasonable chicken raising equipment in the process of raising chickens, and at the same time improve the supporting facilities for epidemic prevention.


The above is the management method of large-scale automatic chicken raising equipment chicken farms and the relevant content of the breeder management system organized by poultry equipment manufacturers for farmers. Scientific formulation of these management systems will ensure the efficiency of chicken farms. For this reason, farmers must master the technical knowledge of scientific chicken raising and the management knowledge of chicken farms, so as to successfully realize the benefits of raising chickens.

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