How to disinfect the broiler house?

When carrying out broiler breeding work, no matter whether the broiler chickens we raised are sick or not, the pathogens will remain in the chicken house and the next batch of chickens will be contaminated. Therefore, we must carry out the empty chicken houses when carrying out the next batch of broiler breeding work. Thorough disinfection work makes the new batch of chickens only have a clean and hygienic living environment, so as to prevent the spread of various diseases. Here are some specific measures for the farmers to disinfect the broiler houses.

1. Clean the house

The house must be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned up quickly. The feeding equipment in the chicken house can be moved outside the house, and the chicken manure, feathers, coal ash and other pollutants in the chicken house can be thoroughly cleaned, and the roof, doors, windows and walls should be cleaned, so that there is no dust inside the house. The broiler cage manufacturers reminds the farmers here that when we carry out normal broiler farming, we also need to regularly clean and disinfect the environmental sanitation work in the chicken house.

2. Cleaning the house

The house should be thoroughly cleaned, and the floor, walls, doors and windows should be cleaned. The utensils and equipment in the house should be washed with disinfectant and then washed with water. There is no water on the ground of the chicken house, especially the dust on the roof of the chicken house. It should be cleaned from top to bottom. After the equipment and the ground are dry, it can be disinfected.

3. Overhaul work

For the equipment in the chicken house to be inspected, the equipment can at least ensure that a batch of equipment is needed, and the equipment that needs to be improved should be replaced in time, and the damaged bulbs should be completely replaced. It is best to use energy-saving light bulbs.

4. Governance environment

The environment outside the house is equally important. It is necessary to remove the debris from the outside drainage and remove the weeds around the house. Draining is usually done without affecting ventilation.
5. Chicken house disinfection

The disinfection of the house should be closed, airtight, spray disinfected, ventilated after 10 hours of disinfection, and the ventilation should be kept closed for 3-4 hours. All roof walls and net beds on the house should be disinfected with high-efficiency, non-corrosive disinfectants.

6. Fumigation

Close doors and windows and vents to check if the temperature and humidity meet the requirements. Solid formaldehyde and potassium permanganate fumigation are preferred. During the empty house disinfection, no one or animal enters the chicken cage. After fumigation, open the doors, windows and vents 24-36 hours, and fully ventilate.

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