The bad habits of raising chicken

It is not an easy thing to raise chickens. Mastering the skills and precautions of raising chickens can get twice the result with half the effort. But in fact, the management problem is the most important, or some small details of chicken raising, small habits are the decision whether you can The key to raising chicken

For broilers, the growth rate is very fast. It can be put out in less than two months. After the chicken is released, it is very important to carry out a large cleaning and disinfection of the house and Poultry Equipment for Sale. After spraying, you can fumigate for a few days, so disinfection is very thorough.

If you want to raise the chicken, it is very important to buy the chicken. You must go to a more formal place to buy. Don’t buy cheap chicken. If you buy weak chicken, it will not only grow slowly, but also Poor constitution, it is easy to contract the disease, and the damage caused by it can be big.

Many people breed, there is no process, but what to do when they think about it, but this will not have any good effect.

In fact, for diseases, of course, it is necessary to take prevention as the mainstay. If the problem actually occurs and then go to treatment, then the cost is very large, and the speed of transmission is fast, and the losses are also large. If you save money on prevention, when there is a problem, there will be a big loss, which is also very influential on the growth and development of the chicken.

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