Daily feeding management using battery chicken cages

Battery chicken cages for layer can make full use of the space in the cages. Increase farming efficiency. It all benefits from day-to-day management. So from which aspects should feeding management be carried out?


  1. Strengthen feed management

According to the physiological characteristics of laying hens. Poultry farmers provide adequate feed and drinking water. Lighting times should be shortened, not extended. The position, time and intensity of the light source should not be arbitrarily changed.



  1. Health management

Introduce chickens from healthy farms to prevent pathogen entry through vertical transmission. Create good breeding conditions, chicken house environment should maintain good temperature and ventilation conditions. Contents and disinfecting utensils are strictly separated and disinfected regularly to prevent horizontal spread of disease. Regularly monitor the epidemic situation within the jurisdiction, take preventive measures, and control the epidemic situation in time.


  1. Observe poultry every day

When laying hens are raised in layer battery cages for sale, careful observation is a task that cannot be ignored. Observing laying hens can always help to improve the environment in poultry. Avoid stress response caused by adverse environment, and detect early signs of disease, so that early treatment can be.

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