Integrated chicken raising solutions for automatic egg collection, feeding, drinking water and manure


Safe and efficient system production is a prominent feature of modern-scale chicken farms, and it is also the basic requirement for the construction of modern chicken farms. The integrated feeding system provided by poultry equipment manufacturers includes the battery chicken cage for sale, automatic feeding systems, automatic feeding systems, drinking water systems, dosing systems, automatic manure removal systems, and egg collection systems. The components can provide collective feeding, drinking water, feces removal and other functions. The use of automatic poultry equipment can meet the high-efficiency production requirements of broilers and laying hens from 1-day-old to slaughter and egg production.


Why automatic poultry farming equipment is recommended?


  1. Realize efficient and safe modern chicken raising technology, scientifically and rationally improve space utilization and land use efficiency, integrate various functions such as feeding, feeding, drinking water, manure, etc., to meet the growth needs of chickens, and the actual production management is convenient.


  1. The automatic feeding system runs stably and distributes the feed evenly. The unique design reduces feed waste, is easy to clean and requires low maintenance.


  1. Reasonable water line and nozzle design, so that chickens can only drink water easily.


  1. The automatic manure conveyor belt can easily remove chicken manure, reduce ammonia emission, and provide good environmental conditions for employees and chickens.


  1. The design of the bottom net conforms to the physiological characteristics of chickens, which is convenient for chickens to stand and lay eggs, and reduce damage to eggs.


  1. Reasonably connect with the egg system to realize automatic egg picking, and cooperate with the environmental control system to provide comfortable living conditions for the chickens.


  1. It is convenient to transfer the environment and meet the stocking density of chickens at different growth stages. It can be combined with the feeding cage system as needed.


  1. The complete chicken raisingequipment systems is easy to install, has a long service life, is safe and efficient.




Overall planning and principles of chicken farm design

Overall principle: From the perspective of epidemic prevention and organization of production convenience. The zoning layout of the site is production area, office area, living area, auxiliary production area, sewage treatment area and other areas. Arrangement principle: According to the dominant wind direction, the topography and water flow direction are living area, office area, auxiliary production area, production area and sewage treatment area. When the terrain is inconsistent with the wind direction, the dominant wind direction prevails. Overall planning of the branch: comprehensive consideration should be given to the direction of the chicken house, the spacing of the chicken house, roads, pollution discharge, fire prevention, epidemic prevention and other aspects.

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