How to realize modern and intensive poultry farming?

At present, the use of automatic poultry farming equipment is the main way to realize modern and intensive poultry farming. Can have a suitable living environment for poultry and help poultry production.



  1. Compared with the battery cage system, it occupies a small area and has a large number of floors, generally four floors, up to 10 floors. battery layer cages can obtain more breeding area, increase the laying rate of layer hens, and have higher benefits. It is convenient for maintenance and repair, and the cage system can be controlled according to the prompt steps.
  2. The ventilation effect is better to ensure that the laying hens in the cage system will not suffocate due to high temperature. Cooperate with the manure removal belt to ensure the cleanliness of the cage system, reduce the breeding of germs, and reduce the disease rate and mortality of laying hens.
  3. layer egg collection system can reduce the breakage rate of eggs. The use of an automated egg collection system can reduce the breakage rate to three thousandths. Therefore, the egg collection equipment is very suitable for large-scale poultry farms.
  4. The automatic drinking water system can ensure equal water pressure and ensure the drinking water for the laying hens. The design of the elongated trough edge reduces the waste of feed and improves the effective conversion rate of feed.
  5. The planning of the cage door of the chicken battery cagesis also very important. Layer cage doors generally adopt a horizontal sliding door structure. It is easy to open, and there is no case of running chickens, and to prevent the feed from spilling out when eating. If there are chickens who want to raise their heads to shovel, there will be a steel fence around the chicken's neck, so the chickens can't raise their heads to shovel. Experiments have proved that battery layer cages can save more than 3% of feed.
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