Poultry battery chicken cages which will cause chickens to produce stress response

In the daily management of chickens using poultry battery chicken cages, if the poultry farmers do not pay attention to some aspects, it may cause a stress response in the flock. This is mainly due to management misunderstandings in these areas.



  1. Drinking water and feed: Insufficient drinking water for chickens or unbalanced feed nutrition, and unreliable quality is the cause of stress.
  2. Feeding density: The density of caged chickens is much higher than that of flat rearing. Farmers should add them according to the standard stocking density requirements. If you increase the number and density at will, there will be a probability of stress. Will be larger, and the greater the density, the greater the impact on chicken productivity.
  3. Beak cutting work: Beak cutting work must be done at the chick stage, but beak cutting is a serious pressure for the chicks, so this requires the breeder to be skilled, fast and as much as possible when cutting the beak. It was done at a young age. In addition, farmers should pay attention that some people will be immunized and beak cut at the same time to reduce stress. This is undesirable because it will increase the level of stress.
  4. Chicks transportation: After buying the chicks, the farmers are also prone to pressure during the process of transporting the chicks to the broiler house. The transportation, movement and long-distance transportation of chicks consume their physical strength and moisture. This is a serious pressure.
  5. Vaccination: Vaccination is an important means of preventing infectious diseases and is indispensable, but no matter which method of vaccination is used, it is a kind of pressure.
  6. Disease stress: If chickens are chronically or subtly infected with certain bacteria, viruses or internal and external parasitic diseases during the breeding process, this is due to the relative balance between the body and these pathogens, and it becomes a chronic or subclinical asymptomatic infection.


The above are some of the misunderstandings in the breeding management that caused the pressure of the flocks in the process of caged chickens shared by the poultry equipment manufacturers.

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