The entire detailed process of poultry breeding chicken cage cleaning

Poultry breeding chicken cage washing procedure: The general cleaning procedure is: first outside and then inside, first general and then overall, first up and down, the principle of chicken cage from front to back.



1. Remove the chicken cage material line and water line equipment to the operation room.

2. Stay in the pipeline for at least 12H, and then rinse with clean water.

3. Clean the chicken manure and feathers around the chicken coop to improve environmental sanitation. There is no debris around the chicken house, and the items outside the house are neatly stacked.

4. Remove the roof and clean the dust and dirt on the scaffolding, roof beams and appliances.

5. The chicken manure on the floor and the floor of the chicken cage, and the entire chicken house should be cleaned. There is no chicken manure, chicken feathers, or dust in the house, so as not to block the sewer pipe during washing.

6. Clean the sewer pipes, drains, and sewage tanks to achieve drainage.

7. Before cleaning the chicken coop, cut off the main power supply in the house, and connect the washing machine and lighting power supply from the house, and connect the leakage protection switch to avoid electric shock accidents.

8. Clean the power distribution cabinet and power distribution box with a blower.

9. Before washing the chicken coop, spray the surface of the appliance with detergent through a low-pressure spray gun, and keep it in a wet or foamy state for more than 20 minutes. If a high-pressure spray gun is used at this time, droplets containing microorganisms will be generated, which will pollute the environment and people.

10. Then use a high-pressure spray gun to clean the contents of the chicken house from front to back. This is a prerequisite for the chicken coop.

11. When rinsing, use steel wire brushes to clean items such as cots, walls, etc. that are cleaned; clean up the dirt in the material bag in the shrinkage joint.

Regardless of whether it is a layer cage or a broiler cage before being cleaned and washed, employees can use insecticide fumigation for a period of time. In this way, arthropods and pests that are flying and lurking in crevices can be eliminated.

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