Modern poultry farming equipment battery chicken cage

Modern chicken production is the use of modern scientific and technological equipment to manage chicken production, so that it can be professionalized and socialized, and make better use of various resources. Improved breed breeding, feed processing, disease prevention, management, and equipment production form an automated ladder. Poultry battery chicken cage system to achieve the goal of stable production, high efficiency, high quality, pollution-free and low cost.


What is modern chicken farming equipment?

The concept of modern chicken production can be summarized as: use modern labor means and modern science and technology to equip the chicken industry. Using modern economic management methods to scientifically organize and manage the chicken industry, in order to realize the internal specialization and various links of the chicken industry.

The socialization of chickens, the rational use of chicken germplasm and feed resources, (breeding, feed processing, disease prevention, management, and equipment production automation), establish a reasonable production structure and ecosystem for the chicken industry, and continuously improve labor productivity , The product rate and commodity rate of eggs and chicken meat will achieve stable, high-yield, high-quality, and low-cost chicken industry to meet social needs.



1 ladder chicken cage

The full-step chicken coop has 2~3 layers, and its advantages are: ①The cages of each layer have large open area, good ventilation and uniform illumination; ②The manure removal operation is relatively simple; ③The structure is simple and easy to repair; ④When the machine fails or power outage Convenient for manual operation. The disadvantage is that the stocking density is low.


2 half-step chicken coop

In order to further increase the stocking density, on the basis of a full-step cage, the upper and lower layers are partially overlapped to form a half-step chicken cage. Its feeding density is higher than that of the full ladder, which can generally be increased by about 30%, but it is lower than that of the stacked type. Compared with the full ladder chicken cage, due to the obstruction of the manure baffle, the ventilation effect is poor, but the operation is more convenient and it is easy to observe the status of the chickens.


3 battery chicken cage

The upper and lower layers of the half-step broiler cage are completely overlapped to form a stacked chicken cage. There is a conveyor belt between the layers to remove the chicken manure. Its advantages are: high house feeding density, greatly reduced chicken farm floor area, and improved production efficiency of breeders; but higher requirements for chicken house construction, ventilation equipment and manure removal equipment.

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