How the laying chicken equipment for scientific use it?

How should the laying hen equipment be used scientifically? The development of many industries in life is inseparable from the stepped layer equipment. Sometimes some inconspicuous factors may lead to a big gap, so farmers will choose to use chicken raising equipment when raising layer hens.


The feed tanker of the laying hen equipment delivers the feed to the feed storage tower outside the chicken house on time. Then the horizontal feeding device sends the feed in the turret to the feeding hopper of each row of cages according to the set time.


After a driving hopper is filled with feed, the horizontal feeding device automatically stops feeding. The feeding crane runs backward according to the set time, and when it runs to the end of each row of cages, the crane stops automatically. During operation, the hopper of each layer of the crane corresponds to a trough, which can evenly drop the feed in the trough, and each chicken can freely eat fresh feed.


After the chickens have eaten the feed in the trough, the feeding carriage will automatically move to the front of the cage, and then automatically stop at the head position. During the running process, the driving truck once again drops the feed evenly in the trough. This process completes a feeding procedure. The number of feedings in a day depends on the craftsmanship of each farm. The water supply line of the cascading layer equipment is set in the middle of the top of each layer of poultry chicken battery cages. Each cage is equipped with two nipples for the chickens on the left and right sides to drink. A V-shaped sink is set below to drink the chickens. The water splashed from time to time catches it, and then evaporates naturally. In this way, the splashed water will not fall into the chicken manure, making the chicken manure more dry.


At the front end of each water line, a filter, a smart water meter, a medicine dosing device and a pressure reducing regulator are installed. Through the digital information of the smart water meter, it is possible to understand the daily drinking status of the chickens, laying hens, and how to use the laying hen equipment correctly. The working procedures of the laying hen breeding equipment can also judge the health status of the chickens.

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