How to treat heatstroke in automatic breeding equipment breeding laying hens?

The temperature is high in summer. Chickens are prone to heat stroke. If the farmers use automatic layer cages to raise chickens. The symptoms of heatstroke in chickens are more obvious. The main change now is that the amount of water collected has decreased and the amount of drinking water has increased. What do farmers need to do to prevent chicken heatstroke?


First, farmers must provide clean and cold water. Under normal circumstances, chickens have 60% to 70% water. Due to the high temperature in summer, the water consumption of chickens will increase accordingly. Farmers must ensure that the chicken coop has sufficient and clean water. Farmers can also add appropriate amounts of vitamins to the water. This not only promotes egg production, but also suppresses the rise in body temperature of chickens.


Second, cool down the chicken coop. Farmers now buy automatic chicken raising equipment before breeding. Farmers need to make full use of modern ventilation systems to cool the chicken house. At the same time, farmers can also plant some trees around the chicken house to cool the chicken house.


Third, clean up chicken manure in time. Evaporation of chicken manure will give rise to a lot of harmful gases. Then not only will the temperature in the chicken house increase, but it will also easily cause respiratory diseases in chickens. Therefore, farmers can use automatic manure removal equipment to clean the chicken coop in time.
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