What are the advantages of raising chickens in chicken cages?

Most breeding users know that group farming is a relatively common method. For example, there are many knowledge about raising chickens, so do you know the advantages of using poultry battery cages to raise chickens?

The so-called use of chicken cages to raise chickens means that the chickens are housed in cages welded with wire. Different types of chicken cages are designed according to the type, sex and age of the chicken. So, the main advantages of chicken cages:

First of all, chickens have good epidemic prevention and effective prevention of infectious diseases: chickens do not touch feces, which can make chickens grow healthier and provide a clean and comfortable growth environment for chickens.

In the process of raising chickens in chicken cages, chickens will not directly contact the feces, so cage farming can greatly reduce the diseases caused by fecal infection, reduce the incidence of diseases, and facilitate the handling of feces.

The use of chicken cages to raise chickens allows chickens to have sufficient feeding and drinking positions, ensuring that each chicken can get reasonable drinking and feeding, making the chickens evenly distributed.

The above points are the advantages of raising chickens in chicken cages described by the author. Generally, the breeding quantity is less than 1,000. It is best for farmers to use flat or free-range breeding. This breeding method is the most cost-effective and can quickly return to cost. If the breeding volume is more than 3,000 or more, then the author recommends the use of chicken battery cages, which is convenient and labor-saving.

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