Management of broiler chickens in summer coops

When chickens are raised in summer due to temperature, it is easy to cause bacteria to grow in the house. So how to manage the high temperature in summer to ensure the survival rate of broilers in poultry cage manufacturers in nigeria?



The first is to reduce the breeding density in the chicken coop, otherwise it will cause heat stress. Farmers should eliminate sick chickens in a timely manner, which can reduce the breeding density, and also avoid their casualties affecting healthy chickens. Summer temperatures are high and flocks need more water. In addition, the water must be clean. Unclean water can easily cause disease. Therefore, chicken farmers should adjust the waterline in time in summer to supply sufficient clean drinking water.






The henhouse fan cannot be stopped in summer, and the water curtain cannot be cut off. If there is a power outage, many chickens may die. Therefore, make sure that the circuit is correct. In addition, under high temperature and high load, electricity is prone to problems, such as fire. Protection. In summer, there is not only high temperature, but also windy and rainy weather. Chicken farmers should pay attention to not only temperature but humidity, as well as the shock, rain, and water that might be caused by windy and rainy weather.



In summer, chickens need to emit a lot of heat during feeding. Chicken farmers should avoid the time when the heat emitted by the flocks is high during the day, such as noon time. So feeding in summer is generally morning and evening. In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high, and there is much rain, and the feed is prone to mildew. In addition, in order to ensure that the feed does not become moldy because it is not eaten for a long time after entering the trough, chicken farmers should ensure that the trough is cleaned once a day. Note that heatstroke and cooling products are added to the feed. Generally, chicken farmers in summer need to add multiple dimensions to improve the flock's ability to resist heat stress.


If the temperature is too high, ventilation should be strengthened. If it cannot be lowered, the water curtain needs to play a cooling role. In the process of chicken breeding, pay attention to the balance of humidity and temperature. When the humidity is too high, the water curtain should be turned off in time to increase the role of the fan. It is necessary to pay attention to the cooling during the day, and the cooling of the ventilation at night cannot be ignored. The climate change in summer is very different, so in order to improve the survival rate of broilers and reduce the losses of chicken farmers in battery cage for chickens

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