Benefits of using chicken coops to raise laying hens

Chickens are kept in poultry farming chicken cages and are kept using poultry farming equipment. layer cage equipment is a kind of feeding method that allows chickens to leave the ground, high-density culture and three-dimensional structure. Compared with general flat culture, it has many advantages. The following layer cage manufacturers will introduce these advantages one by one for the farmers to refer to.

1. Save the province and land: Take chickens as an example. You can only raise 5 chickens per square house, and 15-25 cages for cages, which can raise 3-5 times more chickens than flat raise. In terms of land occupation from poultry houses, flat-range free-range is 6-10 times larger than caged land. Because of the need to raise the sport, it is twice as large as the chicken house.

2. Saving materials and saving grass: The activity of caged laying hens is small, the density is high in winter, the temperature in the house is high, the chicken body is used to maintain less energy, and there is no need to lay grass in the chicken house.

3. Labor saving and trouble-saving: When raising the feed, the chickens are called back, it is very difficult to feed, and the cage can be used to feed, add water, pick eggs, observe chickens, catch chickens, etc. There is no need to lay grass or remove the soil gasket. It is also more troublesome to clean the dung. It is to feed hundreds of chickens, and it will not take much time every day. Suppose a household intensively raises 200-300. In addition to participating in other normal labor, the farmer can take advantage of it in the morning and evening or some scattered time.

4. Conducive to epidemic prevention: Chickens are not kept in the cage, do not touch the feces, cut off direct contact with the outside world, reduce the chance of infection of the epidemic, and at the same time facilitate the adoption of epidemic prevention measures.

5. High economic efficiency: cage farming is a good way for farmers to get rich.

6. There will be no contradiction with agricultural production: chickens are kept in layer chicken cages, they will not wander around, buckwheat eat rice, harm crops, and will not poison poisons and die.

7. Provide high-quality fertilizer for agricultural production; the manure of caged chickens will not be easily collected, because chicken manure is the highest quality fertilizer with the highest nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in farm manure. With a total of 200, it can provide more than 7,000 kilograms of superior fertilizer for agricultural production in one year.

8. Active urban and rural markets: In order to get the national economy up and as soon as possible, in order to meet the needs of the people's lives, we are implementing the policy of state-run, collective and individual in raising chickens. If the conditional individual households raise chickens like this, the commercial eggs and commercial chickens for the market will be very impressive figures. It will greatly activate the urban and rural market, which is both good for the country and good for the individual.

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