Layer chicken breeding equipment to explain two kinds of lighting methods for raising chickens

The laying hens Chicken Breeding Equipment explains two methods of illuminating chickens. For laying broiler equipment, it is one of the more familiar equipments for farmers. It is one of the indispensable technical measures for modern chicken production for the light system, and it is based on the circadian rhythm of chicken. The following laying broiler equipment will give you an explanation of the two lighting systems for laying hens.





First, the light hours are kept stable: the number of natural sunshine when the chicken is 20 weeks old is detected. If it is 14 hours, natural light and artificial light supplementation are used from the brooding to maintain the daily light 14 Hours to 20 weeks of age, and then gradually extend the poultry farming cage light time to 16 hours according to the requirements of the laying period.


The second is to gradually shorten the illumination time: first find out the natural sunshine hours of the chicken to 20 weeks of age, add this number for 4 hours, as the light time at the beginning of the brooding, such as the nature at 20 weeks of age. The number of hours of sunshine is 13.5 hours, plus 17.5 hours after 4 hours, keeping this illumination time constant for 4 weeks, from 15 weeks of illumination per week to 15 weeks of illumination, to 20 weeks of illumination. It is just sunshine time. After 20 weeks of age, the lighting time is gradually increased according to the requirements of the laying period.


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