Summer broiler culture management considerations

Due to the high temperature in summer, various bacteria are easy to appear in the broiler house, and the breeding is also very fast. How to ensure the survival rate of broiler in the battery cage for broilers in the summer heat?







1, reduce the density, under high temperature conditions, if the reproductive density is high, it is easy to cause heat stress. Therefore, in order to properly reduce the density of chickens, chicken farmers can eliminate those chickens, chickens and weak chickens in time, thereby reducing the density and avoiding them. Casualties affected healthy flocks in chicken cages.

2, adequate drinking water, summer, high temperature, chicken needs more water, water must be clean. Unclean water can easily cause disease. Therefore, chicken farmers should adjust the waterline during the summer to provide adequate clean drinking water.

3. Power usage problems, in the summer, wind turbines can not be stopped, wet curtains can not be broken. If the power is turned off, many chickens will die. Therefore, we must ensure that the circuit is ok. In addition, under high temperature and high load, power is prone to fire and other problems, so care should be taken to protect the circuit of the house.

4, the weather changes, in the summer, not only high temperature, but also strong winds and heavy rain, chickens not only pay attention to temperature, but also pay attention to humidity, and the impact may be caused by strong winds, impact the chicken house.

5, feed feeding, feeding chicken in summer, in order to avoid chickens in the chicken house due to heat stress do not eat feed, you can avoid high temperature time to feed the chicken, so summer feeding, usually in the morning and evening.

6, high temperature and high humidity in summer, more rain, the feed is prone to mildew. In addition, in order to ensure that the feed will not become moldy after long-term intake after entering the sink, the chicken farmers should ensure that the sink is cleaned once a day.

7, feed heat stroke to pay attention to add heatstroke cooling products in the feed, generally summer chicken farmers need multi-dimensional addition, in order to improve the ability of the flock to resist thermal stress, in automatic stratification feeding equipment.

8, need to pay attention to cooling during the day, ventilation at night can not be ignored. There are large differences in climate change in summer, so in order to improve the survival rate of broilers in broiler cages for sale and reduce the loss of chicken farmers, these management issues are expected to be remembered.


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