How to manage chicken farm is the most effective

The high temperature in summer makes the industry of chickens somewhat difficult. Especially for chickens, there is no sweat gland. For chickens, when the temperature reaches 32 °C, the chickens will show strong heat stress and the disease resistance will be weakened. The egg production rate has dropped drastically. The long-term heat stress of broken eggs will also cause the death of chickens. Therefore, the management of chicken houses in summer is very important.






First, to ensure the amount of ventilation required by the flock.

Conditional chicken farms can be equipped with exhaust fans to increase the wind speed inside the house and accelerate the discharge of heat in the house to ensure ventilation. Or the chicken farm can expand the door and window of the chicken house and the roof skylight to make full use of the natural wind to cool down. Keeping the flow of fresh air is the key to ensuring that suffocating chickens occur.

Second, strengthen the management of feeding, and do a good job in the house, outside the health and factory health Chicken Breeding Equipment in Indonesia.

1. The chicken house will clear the feces on time, and the feces can be cleaned 3 times a week, and the automatic scraping can be done twice a day. To change the environment inside the house has a significant effect on improving production levels.

2. Reduce stress and ensure the health of the flock. Can not break water, cut off the material, ensure light intensity, ventilation, refueling should have a week of excessive time.

3. Do a good job in environmental sanitation and hygiene inside and outside the house. The premise of effective disinfection is to do a good job of sanitation, and disinfection on chicken manure is ineffective. Chicken feathers, chicken manure, and dead chickens cannot be thrown at random.

4. Pay attention to disinfection in the waterline during the summer. In summer, the temperature is high and the germs breed faster. From the mouth of the disease, we must pay attention to the disinfection of drinking water. It can be properly arranged once a week in the waterline.

5. Provide high quality fresh feed to the flock.

6. Appropriate increase in protein and vitamins, especially methionine and lysine levels, in the feed. Heat stress buffers such as vitamin C and vitamin E can be added to the feed in poultry cage manufacturer in china.

7. Reduce the density of the flock. Reducing the number of chickens in the house reduces the amount of heat produced by the chicken. For cascading feeding, the number of upper-layer chickens should be appropriately reduced.

Third, the wet curtain ventilation device can be installed to reduce the temperature. Wet curtain ventilation can reduce the room temperature by 3-5 °C compared with the general fan ventilation. If there is no condition, the chicken body can be cooled by regular water spray.

Fourth, do a good job in the immune work of the chickens to prevent the occurrence of various diseases.

Fifth. Drink plenty of cool deep well water for the chickens.


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