Things to pay attention to when using automated farming equipment to raise chickens

The advantage of using automated farming equipment is that it can free the workforce to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. In order to achieve better economic benefits, what problems should we pay attention to when using these automated equipment in the chicken house?



First, the disinfection system is not perfect: disinfection is an effective method to ensure the hygiene and safety of the chicken house. Correct and reasonable disinfection can kill the pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house in time, but many farmers do not pay attention to disinfection or follow the formal The operation process was disinfected, resulting in no effect of disinfection and poor sanitary conditions in the house Poultry Farming Machinery

Second, immunization is believed to be an effective method for farmers to prevent infectious diseases of chicken flocks, but many farmers are not standardized on vaccine operation, or do not understand the correct immunization method, resulting in flock immune failure, not only increased The cost has not yet achieved good results.


Third, there will be many farms around the general farms, so many farmers will lack scientific and rigorous awareness of epidemic prevention. They will not be able to disinfect themselves when they return to their own houses, nor will they change their disinfection suits. And shoes, just enter your own chicken house, become the media of disease


Fourth, the preventive measures are imperfect: the weather changes in the four seasons are relatively large, farmers should take precautionary measures for weather changes, but now many farmers do not take active preventive measures when encountering sudden changes in weather or other stress factors. Lead to the onset of flocks. If the weather is cold, warm measures should be taken to prevent the thief from blowing in; if the weather is very hot, measures should be taken to reduce the temperature, pay attention to ventilation, and avoid heat stroke.


Fifth. If you only pay attention to the price of the feed, the result is that the feed will be changed. The chicken will not adapt to the sudden refueling. The general diet of the laying hens will decrease, and the diarrhea and egg production will be greatly reduced. The broilers are generally not long, and the whole group will be severe. Onset, it takes more than a week to recover in automatic layer rearing equipment.



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