Management matters for raising chickens in layer chicken cages

1. Ventilation and ventilation should be good. The density of caged chickens is high, and the body temperature of chickens is high. At about 41 °C, the metabolic function is strong. At the same time, the higher the temperature of caged chicken houses, the more water vapor is exhaled by the chickens, and the water evaporated by the sink and chicken manure. The relative humidity is also high. To do this, install a good exhaust device to ensure that the air in the house is fresh and maintains the proper relative humidity.

2. Maintain body weight during laying. Chickens are kept in poultry battery cages, and the activity of the chickens is small, and the body weight tends to increase during laying. However, when the appetite is low during the hot weather, you should try to keep the chicken full and keep the weight of the laying hen. If the weight is significantly higher than the standard of this breed, appropriate limited feeding should be carried out during the laying phase. If the weight is reduced, it means that the feeding is insufficient and the feeding amount should be increased.

3. The broken beak. Beaks were cut off at the age of 6-8 days. Debeaking can prevent pecking addiction and save feed.

4. The temperature should be moderate. The preferred temperature for laying hens is 8-28 °C. It is necessary to do a good job in preventing heatstroke and cooling.

5. Reasonable lighting, artificial lighting should be carried out, so that the laying hens have 16 hours of natural light and illumination every day. The time for turning on and off the light for manual assisted illumination should be fixed to keep the light stable. Otherwise, the chicken will be reduced.

6. Maintain good hygiene. Regular clear manure, feeding utensils and chicken houses should be regularly disinfection, put an end to the occurrence of epidemics.

Through the above introduction, we now know the technique of raising chickens in layer chicken cages. The layer chicken cage is a common breeding mode for laying hens. We also need to carry out different aquaculture management according to different farming methods, and improve the breeding efficiency of laying hens in many aspects.





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