How to choose a cost-effective chicken cages?

Poultry farming equipment and chicken cages have become intensive, large-scale chicken farms using chickens and necessary breeding equipment. The use of chicken cages to raise layer and broiler chickens not only enables farmers to achieve intensive, large-scale farming models. And it can also increase the economic benefits for farmers. How to buy cost-effective chicken cage equipment when choosing chicken cages is what every farmer wants to know. Here are some important points for selecting chicken cage equipment.


1. Pick chicken battery cages and shop around. At the same time, farmers should pay attention to the fact that high-priced chicken cages must have high prices. Farmers should carefully understand the quality, materials, specifications, etc. of each price chicken cage. In the same quality, choose a manufacturer with good reputation and low price. Don't ignore the price of quality, otherwise there will be problems in the process of use, and the chickens will not get good growth.



2. If the farmer buys the layer cage, it is necessary to pay attention to the angle of the egg that is rolled out of the bottom of each manufacturer's egg cage. Generally, it is about 7-8°. The angle is small and the egg can not roll out normally. Let the flocks be destroyed. The angle is so large that the eggs roll out and fall easily to the ground, or the impulse to roll the eggs is big and break each other. Also pay attention to the link between the layer cage and the layer cage. There are too many gaps, and the gap is too large to have an egg.


3. Farmers who breed broiler chickens should pay attention to the quality of the bottom net when purchasing broiler cage equipment. Because the broiler is longer and heavier, the bottom net must be able to withstand the weight of the broiler. At the same time, it is convenient to defecate, but also to prevent the chicken feet from getting stuck in the grid to avoid damage. Farmers should also pay attention to the bottom net of the broiler cage. While satisfying the size, the bottom net must have a certain elasticity and strength, which is convenient for the broiler to stand and walk, stable and comfortable.


4. Pay attention to the material of the chicken cage. The material of the chicken cage is related to whether the chickens grow and produce safely and comfortably. Farmers should pay attention to high-quality chicken cages, all of which have tough materials and surface smoothness. Such a cage will give the flock a comfortable environment and will not harm the flock because of defects such as too hard and burrs. In addition, there are chicken cages on both the hot-dip galvanizing and cold-galvanizing processes. There are also high quality poultry equipment manufacturers that use an electrostatic spray process.


The above is some of the skills of the breeding equipment manufacturers to buy the chicken cage at four points, hoping to help the farmers. In addition, if the farmer wants to buy the manufacturer, he can go to the factory for on-site inspection, and then you can check the quality of the chicken cage equipment of the manufacturer.




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